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Politics of war - pathways to peace (Part 2)

The unseen politics propping up war...

Unquestionably, the greatest violations of human rights occur in times of war; not justbecause of the mass slaughter, unspeakable rapes and torture.Everything that we value is under attack: homes and schools; family,friends, and food; political debate, participation in government,protection by the rule of law. And as we probed in the last program,these effects reverberate for decades, even centuries later as thelegacy of violence is inherited from one generation to the next. Thegood news is that major armed conflict - conflict causing at least1,000 deaths within a year - is falling. The bad news is that itdoesn't seem that way.

The United States - hell bent onremoving global risks to its economic and social security - isaggressively intervening in the Middle East and Latin America. And - inthe case of Iraq - a collection of Rich World countries that aregloriously free from internal conflict have armed their troops to jointhe fight. The cost can be immense. So why do it? Two passionateadvocates against war and for human rights - one from a country thatpromotes war and another that is a victim of it - join Chris Richardsto explore the unseen politics propping up war and internationalinterventions. They unravel the complexities of the Iraq and Colombianconflicts along the way:

Kathy Black - a convenor of the US Labor Against the War - explains how military intelligence, fundamentalist religion, education, and the American psyche have helped build and maintain US war-mongering;
Alirio Uribe Muñoz - a member of a death-defying human rights lawyers' collective, the Corporación Colectivo de Abogados 'José Alvear Restrepo' in Bogotá - takes us inside Colombian conflict to find out why the United States is pouring money and troops into it, and the interests it seeks to protect. David Feller, also from the collective, translates.

Alsofrom Colombia, the music threading its way through this program is theCD Canta Bovea y Sus Vallenatos con Alberto Fernandez featuring the up-beat sassystrains of the accordian led vallenato music.

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