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Ethical travellers

To fly or not to fly...

Now that we're more conscious of combating climate change, cutting back on carbon emissions is high on the list. To fly or not to fly - that is the question. After all, heating a home for a whole year produces on average less carbon dioxide emissions than one person taking a return flight from New York to London. But helse do you get there? You can't take a train, and who's got time for a boat? Should you go at all? 's just one of many dilemmas that confront ethical travellers. It's no easy ride. here to go? Who to travel with? How to maximize the amount of your money that goes to local people - not big companies - in the places you visit? So strap on your seat belt as New Internationalist co-editor Chris Brazier away the ecotourism marketing hype and guides us through a host of travelling experiences destined to do more good than harm.

  • Combine carbon emissions with the increasing cost of a place on a plane and the desire for plane travel might be crashing. Cameron Forbes - author of 'Under the volcano: The Story of Bali' - considers what would happen to the Indonesian island of Bali if the tourist dollar disappears.
  • From rubbish and water waste to the over-development of sensitive areas, tourism's environmental impacts are significant. Syed Liyakhat from the Indian NGO Equations sets out the effects that tourism has had on Indian people, places and culture.
  • Peter Richards - from the Community Based Tourism Institute in Chiangmai, Thailand - shows us snapshots of communities in the Majority World that are benefiting best from tourism.

The revved-up rhythms in today's program come straight off the streets surrounding Colombia's Caribbean coastline as Colombi-africa - the Mystic Orchestra perform their Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land CD.

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