Human Rights Olympics

The starters' gun has gone off. We're all in the running. Many say it's the most important race of all - the human race. In a year when international media is focusing on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, New Internationalist celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights with a medal count of its own. And what better way to judge the runners than through their pursuit of human rights. This program highlights some of the big winners… and big losers.

  • New Internationalist magazine co-editor David Ransom picks up his binoculars to survey the track record of international human rights so far.
  • Jenni Williams from Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) introduces us to her remarkable organization which - in spite of arrests and assaults - stands up to challenge corruption and incompetence riddling her country's Government.
  • Maria Yulikova - formerly the Moscow correspondent of the Committee to Protect Journalists - follows the trail of 14 journalists who've been killed since Vladimir Putin became Russia's President.
  • China expert Sam Geall reviews China's form in the lead-up to the 2008 Olympic Games.

In a kaleidoscope of sound, gypsy traditions meet modern-day techno in today's feature CD - Urban Gypsy - performed by the Shukar Collective.

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