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Feast and famine

With the Christmas parties and New Year feasting that's featuring in many millions of homes this week, the Radio New Internationalist team wants to get it's teeth into some of the interviews that we've done during 2007 about the food we're finding on our dinner tables:

  • Angus Calder - a company director in search of more efficient agriculture - takes us through the problems that threaten our food supplies. As rising populations face falling levels of both water and agriculture land, he explains the conflicting choices that are about to be served to us.
  • New Internationalist co-editor Troth Wells dishes up some tantalizing chocolate tastes to try on our New Year's guests.
  • On chocolate's darker side, Bama Athreya from the International Labor Rights Forum outlines a plan for wiping out slavery and forced labour in the supply of cocoa by paying producers properly, and why manufactuers' aren't responding.
  • While Coca Cola has been marketed as the holiday drink, Amit Srivastava from the India Resource Center explains how it's no holiday for Indians, where cola plants have been stealing water and polluting land causing community outrage strong enough to close Coke plants in India and start the ball rolling on the laying of criminal charges;
  • Cooking up some solutions to impending food supply problems, permaculturalist Pam Morgan explains how it could be as simple as looking at our living spaces and maximizing their potential for growing food - as Cuba has done to avoid starvation.

Accompanying the food for thought that's been on today's program is a smorgasbord of sweet and saucy strains from the World Music Network's Riverboat records.

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