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Radio New Internationalist - No refuge

The dictators may be different and the violence may vary but when people flee their homes in fear, they live many common experiences. In this program, refugees from Chile, Rwanda and Uganda share with us intimate details of their life journeys. Facing up to the gruelling resistance of the Rich World to open its borders to those who are asking for just one more chance at finding a peaceful existence. Searching for an identity that’s not connected to country. Dealing both with the fear that stalks their dreams for decades and the deaths of loved ones left behind. And then, there are the children. … Co-host Marisol Salinas – who has herself fled political repression in Latin America and has recently reproduced the experiences of over 40 Latin American refugees on the CD Voices of Exile – helps steer us through the hopes and fears of these brave people.

  • Dheepthi Namasivayam travels to Strasbourg, France, to explore how Rwandan refugee Immaculée Cattier has found refuge in a country that helped fuel the genocide in her birthplace.
  • Rowenna Davis goes into Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention and Removal Centre and talks to Ugandan refugee, ‘Doris’, about how she has been treated by British authorities and the effect that this has had on her children.
  • Also from Uganda, but this time travelling with those who are displaced within their own country, Rebecca Wearn shows us why Ugandan children continue each day to travel to the safety of night camps even after the need for their protection has passed.
The stunning songs of lost love and hardship from the world’s perennial refugees – the gypsies – seemed like just the right sound for this week’s program. So while you’re listening to the program, enjoy the music of Introducing Bella Lakatos and the Gypsy Youth Project.

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