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Radio New Internationalist - How does your garden grow?

This program gets down in the dirt to ask progressive people from around the world: 'How does your garden grow?' Permaculture may still be seen by many as the fodder of the fringe, but its designs are having profound results – stopping starvation, combating climate change, and creating more cohesive communities. Get ready for some reasoned realignment as we welcome co-editor of New Internationalist magazine David Ransom, and hear how growing your own veggies is a profoundly political act, challenging the heart of today’s consumer culture.

  • Permaculturalist Pam Morgan shows us around the rooftops, corridors and workplaces of urban Cuba – places conscripted for growing fruits and vegetables to successfully stave of food shortages.
  • Chris Evans tells us about how young people are putting down their guns to make Edible Earth in Nepal. (Chris is the Country Representative for Appropriate Technology Asia (ATA) Nepal, and advisor of Himalayan Permaculture Group).
  • Jonathan Dawson, President of Global Ecovillages, explains how permaculture principles are outperforming carbon offsets in bringing down greenhouse gas emissions.
  • And while we’re talking about more creative consuming, author Sharon Beder adds her thoughts about compulsive market disorders.

This week’s album is an old favourite: Rene Lacaille and Bob Brozman’s fabulous CD DigDig, where the pulse of the Pacific melts into the arms of Bluegrass and Latin.   

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