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Radio New Internationalist - Under the privileged

The United States Government suggests that nanotechnology is getting in the drivers’ seat to steer the next industrial revolution. The Australian Government says that nanotechnology will fundamentally transform every aspect of our lives. Business leaders predict that nano-industry may be worth one trillion US dollars in the next five years. But here at Radio New Internationalist, we didn’t even understand what it is, let alone how it’s capable of taking over the world. So Georgia Miller from Friends of the Earth in Australia has called in to have a chat to us about what, where and why nano works – from odour eating socks to frightening new weapons for armies. Together with today’s co-host, Nnimmo Bassey, from Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria, they map out –in simple terms – the amazing reach that nanotechnology will have in the developed and the developing world. Also on the program:

  • The election of the new Chairperson on the United Nation’s United Nation’s Commission on Sustainable Development has caused quite a stir. Nnimmo Bassey was there. He tells us why the worry.
  • Following on from last week’s visit to Democratic Republic of Congo to find out why mining for coltan to make our mobiles destroys parts of Congo’s economy and environment, we return – this time with Congolese political scientist and author Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja – to hear how Congo’s natural resource wealth is being given away for a fraction of its true worth.
  • Michael O’Flaherty – a member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee – speaks with spirit about why the recently released human rights principles on sexual orientation and gender identity are so important to us all.

Today’s CD – Karimbo, performed by Mabulu – was recorded during the catastrophic floods in Mozambique in the year 2000. But there are no dirges here. This album is lilting; light… an uplifting testament to hope in the face of disaster.

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