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Radio New Internationalist - The strength in the roots

This program’s co-host, Richard Meeran, is a true internationalist. A human rights lawyer whose cases are challenging governments and countries across Africa, he’s just been in India searching for his mother’s childhood. He gives us a very personal account of what he finds in India… and also in South Africa where black gold miners are dying because their workplaces that have treated them like disposable people. As Richard, and other progressive people from Pakistan, Africa and the United States, share their inspiring stories of strategies that are helping to change the world, we hear how some of the strongest tools available are often rooted in the experience and ingenuity of the people and communities with whom they’re working.

  • We all know of the power of the United States of America. So what would happen if the nations of Africa united? A leading supporter of this initiative, Demba Moussa Dembele from the African Forum on Alternatives based in Senegal, tells us about how the concept is becoming a reality.
  • Children have been kidnapped, bought or conscripted into a number of Middle Eastern countries to race camels. Zubair Shad is the Assistant Director of the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau in Lahore in Pakistan and he’s helping to repatriate 650 young Pakistanis who’ve been child jockeys in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Daniel Hunter, a Training Associate with that remarkable organization, Training for Change, assists communities to stand up to dictators and despots… and win. He tells about the strategies that are winning hearts and minds in his latest campaign.

Hear also musical gems from Introducing Shiyani Ngcobo, which captures the Zulu sounds and poetry of maskandi. Shiyani started his musical career when he begged his brother to show him how to make his first igogogo, which is a guitar made from a five litre-oil can. Dip into how far he’s come since then! 

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