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This program investigates Coca Cola – that sugary soft drink that has led the corporate pack towards international profit and power. What’s in its bottles? What’s in its history? And what’s in the global movement to ban it from schools, university and government canteens? Find out as:

  • Amit Srivastava from the India Resource Center leads the way, by explaining how Coke plants steal water and pollute land… and cause community outrage strong enough to close Coke plants in India;  
  • Nutritionist Marion Nestle from New York University takes the top off a bottle and analyses what’s inside;
  • Historian Mark Pendergrast tells us about the colourful people and strategies last century that has made Coke one of the most recognizable brands this century;
  • Writer and broadcaster David Bacon examines the evidence that implicates Coke plants in the assassination of union officials in Colombia.

This week’s CD is Rhythm of the River, which showcases a range of artists from the World Music Network’s Riverboat Records series. The extensive variety of sounds and synergies on this CD draws on music from Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

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