Radio New Internationalist - Unnatural resources

Campaigners from Nigeria, Nevada, Darfur and England take a seat attoday's table to discuss human rights abuses by oil companies, acts ofgenocide by governments, and how the world's indigenous peoples arebeing robbed of their DNA. Co-host Nnimmo Basseyfrom the NGO Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria shines a spotlighton a range of African issues as he exchanges ideas with today's guest.  

  • Becky Tinsley, Director of Waging Peace, talks about how the Chinese, UK and US Governments have fuelled the acts of genocide that continue in Darfur by giving support to the current Sudanese administration - their key to the country's oil.
  • Debra Harry from the Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism, gives us an update about resistance to the latest attempt to rip off the ownership of the genetic material of 100,000 of the world's indigenous people.
  • NI editor Vanessa Baird has just been in search of ‘Fair Trade'. But what does it actually mean?

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