Radio New Internationalist - A wave from the ocean

Just what is on the very bottom of the world's ocean? Dive in as New Internationalist co-editor David Ransom looks around. He and Greenpeace campaigner Sara Holden - co-ordinator of the world voyage being undertaken by The Esperanza -fish-out why the world needs a network of ocean reserves. Also droppingin for a chat in this week's program are progressive people fromBolivia, the Netherlands, Nova Scotia and England: 

  • Bolivia's people are fighting an economic war against globalization - and winning some significant battles. Jim Shultz pops in to tell us about the next front: attempts to nationalize the country's oil and gas sectors.
  • Paul-Emile Comeau welcomes us to the wacky world of radioactive fads: like toothpaste produced in Germany during WWII and radium suppositories sold to give men more vitality during the 1930s.
  • What's it like being a child who lives on the streets of Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar? Fourteen-year-old Dolgion (read by Jahan Meeran) gives a very personal account.

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