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Radio New Internationalist - World Social Forum Special

When international campaigners from more than 100 countries converged on Nairobi, Kenya for this year's World Social Forum, Adam Ma'anit and Jess Worth from New Internationalist wereon the ground to find the people, the ideas and the action for socialand economic justice in 2007. This program - a-day-in-the-life of aWorld Social Forum - introduces us to:

  • Pat Mooney from the What Next? Project as he looks through new technologies to find out what the world will look like in thirty years time
  • Basila Urassa, the Executive Co-ordinator of the Network Against Female Genital Mutilation, whose challenging a deeply entrenched cultural practice... and winning
  • Al-Hassan Adam, from the Ghana Coalition Against Water Privatization - whose fresh from setting up public water partnerships, and talks about how water privatization has left worms in the water of Ghana

Plus a general discussion about one of the most critical issues facingAfrica - and this year's World Social Forum: how China is taking thecontinent with money, not guns.  

Listen now (click the play button) or download the program (click this link)

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