PODCAST: Hazel Healy and Charlie Harvey on digital freedom

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Human Rights

In 2011 Google advertisement revenue was $38 billion – more than the Gross Domestic Product of Kenya. Between 2010 and 2011 the police in the US increased their surveillance of online communications by 80 per cent. The power of the internet is growing, but 60 per cent of the globe do not have access to it.

In this podcast New Internationalist co-editor Hazel Healy and our IT manager, Charlie Harvey talk about what digital rights mean for the way we use the internet and the potential benefits it can have to our lives.

December’s New Internationalist magazine, ‘Internet Showdown,’ explores internet privacy and the movement for digital freedom. Find out more in the magazine section of the website.

Thanks to Water Pageant for the music used in this podcast. Find out more about the band on Facebook. Their album, Sightlings is out now. Also featuring: ‘BETA22_1’ (Cosmos Computer Music) / CC BY 3.0

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