Podcast: Tim Hunt on ethical banking


In the latest edition of the New Internationalist podcast, Tim Hunt, writer for Ethical Consumer magazine and co-author of a recent report on ethical banking, speaks to our Podcast Editor, Nyan Storey, about the Move Your Money campaign in the UK. The Move Your Money concept is simple. Banks such as the so-called “big five” – Lloyds, Barclays, Natwest, Santander and HSBC – are heavily investing in the arms trade, the tar sands industry, food speculation, and myriad other activities that cause suffering across the world. By moving our money from these banks into more ethical banks and building societies, such as Triodos and the Cooperative Bank, we can vote with our wallets, and be part of the movement that will finally make unethical banking practices unprofitable. In this podcast, Tim Hunt explains the how and why of moving your money.

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