Podcast: London Occupiers

United Kingdom

Since October 2011, the Occupy Movement has been campaigning for increased equality, democracy, transparency and accountability in our governments and global financial systems. The movement has served as an inspiring example of direct action, with its trademark technique of occupying public spaces in front of the world's financial and political centres, where occupiers could not be ignored.

In this podcast, five longstanding members of Occupy London - Jamie, Dan, Nafeesa, George and Matthew - talk to Nyan Storey about the controversies and the future of the Occupy movement.

Has the Occupy movement fizzled out without really changing anything?

Are people wanting to drastically change our political and economic systems just naïve idealists?

How can normal people without economic expertise hope to propose realistic economic solutions?

What will Occupy look like after the camps are evicted?

See also New Internationalist co-editor Vanessa Baird's take on Occupy 2.0.

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