Podcast: Vanessa Baird on nature's defenders

Indigenous Peoples

The race is on to exploit the planet’s dwindling resources – minerals, oil, water – as fast and as rapaciously as possible. This is causing toxic pollution, adding to global warming and threatening the lives and livelihoods of those living closest to nature. Holding the frontline are indigenous people – especially those of the Amazon. For our October issue, New Internationalist co-editor Vanessa Baird visited Peru, where a rebellion of nature’s defenders is taking hold and challenging both governments and corporations. Here she discusses these issues with Nyan Storey in our latest Radio NI interview.

To find out more, read Vanessa's keynote article on Peru's dam busters or browse the contents of the magazine issue. Our articles contain links and pointers to organisations which are fighting back against the environmentally damaging projects she describes.

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