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Podcast: Polyp on conspiracy theories

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This is an episode in the Radio NI podcast series, which features regular interviews with contributors to New Internationalist magazine. You can subscribe to this podcast for free in iTunes, or via the RSS feed, or by visiting the Radio NI blog to check for new interviews. To listen, click the play symbol below, or download the MP3:


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In the March 2011 issue of New Internationalist, our regular cartoonist Polyp has a lengthy discussion of conspiracy theories. He shows how far-fetched stories like ‘9/11 was an inside job’ and ‘Vaccinations are a Big Pharma plot’ are gaining popularity amongst the peace and social justice counterculture, wonders what’s driving this strange witches’ brew of irrationality and paranoia, and reveals disturbing links with far-right holocaust deniers.

Here, he discusses his article - and his cartoons - with Nyan Storey, our podcast editor.

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