New Internationalist wins Utne 2013 Media Award


Oxford, UK, 3 June 2013...
New Internationalist Publications is delighted to share the news that its flagship magazine, New Internationalist, has been named as the winner of Utne Reader’s 2013 Media Award for Best International Coverage, beating other nominees Red Pepper, NACLA and Middle East Report.

Each year, Utne Reader’s editors select nominees through an extensive reading process and year-long examination, rather than via a competition with entry forms and fees. In this way, the magazine, whose headquarters are in Topeka, Kansas, honours the efforts of smaller, sometimes overlooked outlets that provide innovative, thought-provoking perspectives. All elements, from graphics to coverage, are taken into consideration when selecting the nominees and eventually the winners.

Utne said that New Internationalist was chosen for its ‘hopeful, passionate style’ and ‘meticulous devotion to facts,’ illuminating the real people behind the fight for global justice and giving space for people to tell their own stories.

‘We are delighted to have won this prestigious Utne award,’ said Chris Brazier, from New Internationalist’s editorial team. ‘New Internationalist is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and with our eyes on the future - we have just launched an iPad edition of the magazine – we are proud of what we, as an independent workers’ co-operative, have achieved since 1973. We have always sought to cover issues that mainstream media often sidestep, and our international focus remains unique – and ever more vital in a world subject to globalization and climate change. We thank Utne for recognizing the work of New Internationalist in this way.’

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