Consumerism and the kids

I came across Jonathan Darby's work today and wanted to share it with you. I like his comments on modern day consumer culture and its effects on kids of an increasingly young age. He's got an exhibition on in London at the moment you might want to check out.

"It is evident that we are easily sucked into an anti-capitalist stance or hop on the bandwagon against the corporate giants yet we are completely and utterly seduced by them. Whether I like it or not I am just as much part of this as I write this wearing my Nike trainers. Our humanity is being diluted as we become one common indistinguishable mass that is easily manipulated to the benefit of capitalist intention. I have chosen to use myself in my work as I honestly believe that I am also the subject of this matter and the first steps to dealing with this is to be straight with myself as to my involvement in it." Taken from Jonathan's artist statement.

I really enjoy reading the battle he's having with himself against the ever present seduction and how he portrays it in his artwork fusing the beauty of his fine art skills with the angst and anger of the stencil and graffiti undertones.

What are your thoughts? 


Link love:
Jonathan Darby's blog.
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