Hands Up for World Teachers Day at Aorangi School

Hands up for World Teachers' Day @ Aorangi School,

36 Colwyn Street, Bryndwr, Christchurch

Please come and show your support for Aorangi School!

This Friday - 30 October - it is hands up for learning - Kia Mau Ki Te Whakaako - World Teachers' Day. To celebrate, the Teachers' Union - NZEI Te Riu Roa - is bringing a bus load of around 80 or so members from around the South Island, to our school at around 12.15. At 12.30 there will be a countdown and everyone will raise their hands up to show support for learning.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU HERE TO RAISE YOUR HANDS UP TO SHOW NOT JUST SUPPORT FOR LEARNING BUT ALSO FOR OUR SCHOOL. After this you could come along to assembly for the Kiwanis Terrific Kids 2009 awards.

The more people we have here, the better! This could be the last chance we have to show the MOE, Anne Tolley how much wider Christchurch values the Aorangi community! It's also an opportunity for you to do something to help highlight a commitment to the children's learning.

Aorangi Primary School in Bryndwr is home to a fantastic group of people–awesome students, committed and well qualified staff, supportive multicultural families and a wider community who add much value to this Christchurch school. However, because of pitiful class biased excuses, which benefit the rich and further exclude the poor this community is suffering. To actively remove Aorangi school from a community that supports it, is unjust!

See www.aorangi.ac.nz for further information on School Values, Bilingual Unit, School Rebuild Tribulations, Rap to John Key, Community Support. We need your support to keep our school open.

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