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The Graffiti Campaign in India’s Kashmir Valley is a part of the ongoing Quit Kashmir Campaign conceived by the separatist amalgam the Hurriyat last June. The paramilitary and the police, in a bid to control protests, have killed 111 unarmed civilians since the unrest began in June when a teenager was killed. Since then, weekly Protest Calendars calling for strikes, internet protests, sit-ins or protest marches released by veteran leaders are being followed by the people. Through civil disobedience, the Kashmiris are pushing their demand for self-determination under the guidance of the United Nations, which has termed this conflict the longest-running conflict in the world.

The Graffiti Campaign, the brainchild of jailed Muslim League leader Masarat Alam, is very popular with the youngsters, who have scribbled messages all over Srinagar city against the Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) like ‘Go India, go back’, ‘We want freedom’ and ‘Indian dogs go home’. The security forces, sometimes ‘edit’ the hostile content directed against India – ‘Go, India, go,’ graffiti was changed to ‘Good India Good’ in several places in the Old City.

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