Iran protests: spreading amongst ‘working-class lads’

There were protest chants in support of Mir-Hossein Mousavi in the biggest football match of the year (National Football Championships) shown live on national Iranian television last Friday. 

In another of the many Youtube films from the match, the crowds can be heard chanting ‘It’ll be like this every day till Ahmadinejad leaves’, then ‘Yah Hossein-Mir Hossein’, then they go on to sing ‘Yereh Dabesatni’, a student protest anthem. This is as surreal as it would be to hear the crowds at the Superbowl singing The Internationale. The authorities arrested about 15 student leaders, unaware that in Tehran’s 100,000-seat stadium the crowd was singing the protest anthem.  

These protests chants at the football stadium on Friday are highly significant in that they indicate that this is not purely a middle-class uprising and that it is spreading amongst ‘working-class lads’. 

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