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“Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants” Rally attracted 170,000 people


Today “Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants Rally” was held in Tokyo. The organizer of the event announced that 170,000 people attended. It was so hot today, the highest temperature of this area was 33 degrees Celsius . I am wondering how the prime minister, politicians, bureaucrats and people involving the nuclear industry will receive the people's serious and loud voices.


Shibuya is teen's one of the most favorite town in Tokyo. This is the pedestrian crossing in front of the Shibuya station.

Just 10 minutes walk from the crossing, I encountered the first demonstration group. The front banner reads "Decommission the Kashiwazakikariwa reactors".

Most of them are union workers since this route is provided for the union workers' demonstration march.

There is a crossing signal for pedestrian in front of this line. They are waiting patiently to start.

The police control the demonstration march at the signal. They look traffic around and give the people “a green light”  to start.

The police watch the pedestrians around too. The colorful massages are: "Nuclear power plants NO", "No Nukes" and "Put a priority on life before economy".

This is a different group of people just started from the Yoyogi Park.

Many people are still waiting to depart for the demonstration march.

Some people enjoy live music.

They are NGO/NPO groups or individual participants.

So the tone and kind of chant seems to be different from union workers.

More handmade banners and signs.

Under the strong sun, a man wear a musk and a goggle. He should feel so hot. But don't forget that nuclear power plants workers at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants should work under more severe conditions.

This is a handmade banner by union workers. It reads "Give children peaceful future".

Someone planted a "No Nuke" sign with a toy windmill by the shrubbery.

A girl has a "we don't want nuclear power plants" sticker on her backpack.

The strong red characters on the yellow background banner, "we don't want nuclear power plants!"

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