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Almost 1 year since the Great East Japan Earthquake






昨年3月17日、NIでも作品提供を受けている政治マンガを紹介するCartoon Movementのウェブサイトに、エジプト人漫画家のAmr Okashaが「日本を支援する」と題した漫画をアップしました。

"Supporting Japan" by Amr Okasha
Japan is facing crisis upon crisis, and can use the support of the world.




Time has really flew by quickly. It's almost the end of February. And 3.11, the day the Great East Japan Earthquake hit Japan, will be coming in 2 weeks.

One year ago, the Japanese people lived in the society before the earthquake. At that time, we thought differently, pursued different lifestyles, and had a different point of view. The earthquake has affected our behavior and way of thinking.

From the earthquake, we experienced a great loss of people and towns. We also continue to face the tragedy by the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant trouble. Because of the huge damages caused by the earthquake, we had, for example, huge anxiety about our future, strong will to think over our society's mode and lifestyle, empathy to feel other's sorrow and pain, and resentment to injustice or unreasonable things. The earthquake also uncovered facts hidden by the government, bureaucrats, corporations, scholars and mass media.

It has been 1 year. We still keep these thoughts and emotion in ourselves, but they seem to occupy less than before. Is it difficult to keep something we felt or thought 1 year ago, even though we had such huge damage?

The earthquake damaged the Tohoku area badly, and the reconstruction of the damaged area is the highest priority. The earthquake also forced us to rethink our society’s future. How far have we tackled the issue: from political turmoil to slow implementation of reconstruction projects, problems of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant and radioactive contamination to corruption between the government, bureaucrats, corporations, scholars and mass media?

On 17 March last year, Egyptian cartoonist Amr Okasha posted his cartoon to the Cartoon Movement website, which has a lot of political cartoons and provides cartoons to the NI magazine.

"Supporting Japan" by Amr Okasha
Japan is facing crisis upon crisis, and can use the support of the world.

When I see this cartoon, I really appreciate warm support from around the world, and I remember that Japan’s reconstruction is not only our hope and interest, but it is also those of people around the world.

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