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NI Japan Lecture Meeting 1 "Get your renewable energy and save it at your home"







会場:調布市文化会館 たづくり 601・602会議室(東京都調布市小島町2-33-1)
参加費:500円(資料代) ※ニュー・インターナショナリスト定期購読者は無料




This is the first Lecture Meeting Series on Exploring Sustainable Society and Lifestyle. We will invite an inventor who invented and developed some devices for sustainable and low-carbon lifestyle, such as a solar water heater by plastic bottles, home use battery and portable battery by using car batteries.

 He actually uses such devices at his home and saves his electricity bill. His independent energy source would work even if earthquakes, lightning or typhoons cause damage to power lines and gas lines.

 We can hear his full of ideas how to use renewable energy at your home and also his developing ideas to apply his devices to disaster areas and developing countries.

 Date: 2nd July 2011
Time: 18:00-20:00
Venue: Chofu city cultural center "Tazukuri"
*Sorry, no English translation will be provided.

More details and how to join the lecture meeting, see the NI Japan website event page (Japanese).

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