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Nuclear is the new black





また、現地で被災者支援を行う活動を応援したいという方は、特定非営利活動法人国際協力NGOセンター(JANIC)の東北関東大震災 緊急支援まとめて募金活動団体紹介、特定非営利活動法人日本NPOセンターの東日本大震災現地NPO応援基金、特定非営利活動法人NPO事業サポートセンターのアクティブドネーションなどの寄付窓口があります。参考にしてください。


It has already past more than 2 weeks since the huge earthquake and tsunami hit severely the northeast area of Japan. Death toll as of today (15:00JST) becomes 10,901, and at least 17,649 are missing. People who stay in evacuation centers are 180,710. Overall damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami are not sure yet since searching missing people are continue by police, fire department, self-defense force and other specialist in difficult conditions. We haven’t seen any light for rehabilitation yet.

But Japan has received a lot of support in various ways from the world. We really appreciate people around the world, who feel our grief, pray for victims, encourage survivors and help to rebuild our future.

Now NI Japan provides a small donation opportunity. You can donate to the victims of Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake by downloading NI Japan articles.

DL-MARKET, a Japanese digital contents sales website, provides such a charity system that all sales from this charity system will be sent to Japan Red Cross Society for relief and rehabilitation of earthquake and tsunami affected people.

NI Japan has uploaded Issue of No.70 "Nuclear's second wind" (A4 size 12 pages PDF file 200 yen), which raises an important point for Japan, as well as for the world. As some countries already suspend building additional nuclear power plants or implementing current nuclear energy policies, Japan’s policy will definitely be challenged in a process of rehabilitation.

You can read the keynote article “Nuclear is the new black” in English.

For donation and download, just click the pink banner below and register according to the website's instruction. But this charity system has no English instruction. 

If you would like to donate, you can check the Japan Red Cross Society website below or Red Cross in your country. Of course, some NGOs/NPOs near your place should be able to tell you how you can support the victims. And you can also donate to Japanese NGOs working for the victims through The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation's English website.

Thank you for your kind and concern.


Japan Red Cross Society Earthquake Donation information

 NGO Relief Fund for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami by The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)

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