Reporting session about bees

ミツバチのために今できることフォーラム(by NPO「みつばち百花」)




「第1弾 ミツバチのために今、できることとは?」
~ ハチミツ王子とともに探る養蜂の現状と課題 ~
日時:2010年1月23日(土) 午後1時半から(午後4時終了予定)
参加費:事前申込みの場合 2000円(ワンドリンク付き)、当日2300円


A Japanese NPO called “A Thousand Flowers for Bees” will have a reporting session about bees on this coming Saturday

In the session, a beekeeper speaks about Japanese beekeepers’ situation today, and there is a report about the project planting flowers and trees for bees in Kokubunji city, Tokyo.

This NPO aims to achieve a sustainable society by building natural environment necessary for the coexistence of people and bees. For that purpose, A Thousand Flowers for Bees are doing activities to increase flowers and trees, which are bees’ source of food ( honey, pollen, etc). 

If you don’t know why bees are so important for us and nature, just read my previous blog and NI No.425 “Vanishing bees”.

> NI Japan “Vanishing bees” page

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