Nuclear Disarmament in Japan - Background of the 'Anti Anti-Nuclear Nation'

Japan is only one nation attacked by atomic bombs. Every year in August, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people gather at the peace ceremony and moan about the dead by the atomic bombs.

A lot of people are still suffering from atomic bomb sickness today. Japanese people think this history should not be repeated in any part of the world.

So you probably think any Japanese do not want to arm Japan with atomic bombs.

However, especially after North Korea successfully conducted atomic bomb testing in 2006 and repeated missile launch demonstrations, some Japanese come to think that Japan needs to have atomic bomb to counter North Korea’s military threat.

Is it caused by such North Korea’s actions? Is it just a reactive move? If it is so, it won’t be a persistent threat for peace or anti-nuclear movements in Japan, as well as Japan’s diplomatic policies without military might.

But “Nuclear Disarmament in Japan - Background of the 'Anti Anti-Nuclear Nation'” by Professor Kawabe Ichiro of Aichi University shows the ground history of 'Anti Anti-Nuclear Nation' and the danger of growing conservatives in Japan.

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