Earth Day Event in Chofu

2009 アースデイ in 調布ご報告








Almost a month ago, on 9 May, we participated a local event here in Chofu.It was a really warm, rather hot, and sunny day. I could not compare the same event we did in last year on a freezing and rainy day. You can see the cozy venue in the first photo.

This time I posted the enlarged FACTS pages in Japanese from the NI topics of world food crisis and cotton (read  Japanese native cotton, Gandhi and You )on a board. The board is on the left hand side of the NI Japan tent in the second photo.

For a consciousness-raising purpose, I borrowed around 60 interesting books about food and agriculture from the Chofu library and placed them on the table for visitors to look at freely. And a volunteer made five quizzes about world food crisis. You can see the books and the volunteer giving a man the quizzes in the third photo.

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