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Relationship between Politicians without Foreign Policy Negotiation Skills and Peace Constitution (part 2)

外交下手な政治家と平和憲法の関係 その2








It does not matter whether military threats or swine influenza, which was just broke as news last week, it needs prompt and calm actions to be taken.

Although you cannot compare it with swine influenza pandemic, anyone knows that politicians have to deal with military threats with a cool head. However, as I wrote in the part 1 of the previous blog post, a member of House of Councillor, Yamamoto Ichita mentioned about an enemy territory attack tactic with North Korea in his mind. Besides, the former Prime Minister Abe mentioned the same tactic. In 2006, he also told the tactic with North Korea in his mind.

Politicians have to resolve the tension between countries by diplomatic strategies. By rely on a military attack strategy easily politicians seem to intend to conceal the lack of own diplomatic ability. Or they probably really want wars. Or because of the both reasons.

If you think about the current situation, asserting the enemy territory attack tactic is useless against North Korea. Since North Korea wants Japan's internal upset and uses such Japan's situation as an excuse for any move of North Korea, asserting attack by the Japanese politicians is just an advantage for North Korea.

Now I remember my friend's opinion. He is an Australian, and we discussed about the Japanese peace constitution, Self-Defense Force and the saying "the economy of Japan is first-rate, but the diplomacy is third-rate". He finally said that "I see. Since the diplomatic skill of the Japanese politicians are not good, you need the peace constitution. That's right. If the politicians have enough diplomatic ability, they do not have to rely on the military power. Then you do not have to state renunciation of war in the constitution first place". It was unfortunate that I could not refuse his opinion at all.

Meanwhile, Constitution Memorial Day will be in next week. The current Japanese Constitution was enacted on 3 May 1947.

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