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NIを読む、英文読解集中クラス(NIクラス)好評継続中ですが、現在、留学先から、短期来日滞在中の NIジャパン代表、ケイト・ストロネルが提供する、追加クラスへの、単発お試し参加者を募集します!  

5月23日(土)1:30PM~4:30PM  講師─Caitlin Stronell 会場─アジア女性資料センター会議室 

5月2日発行のNI&NI日本版 をテキストに、 NIジャパン代表、ケイト・ストロネルの選んだ記事を読み込み、語り合う時間です。キーワード解説・社会市民運動の歴史的背景の理解を含めた読解・それらをふまえた討議の時間も含め、たっぷり3時間。

★場所 渋谷・アジア女性資料センター会議室(渋谷駅より5分)

★時間 午後1時半~4時半

★受講料 3800円(テキスト代別) 今回の「単発お試し参加」の方は、英会話寺子屋の入会金不要です。


お問合せ・お申し込み→ 英会話寺子屋 [email protected]




TERAKOYA (English conversation school for discussing women's issues & environmental issues) organizes a couple of NI reading classes per year. These regular classes are usually held once a month for about 6 month term.

This time TERAKOYA organizes one time class with Caitlin Stronell, who is the coordinator of NI Japan.

In the NI reading classes, participants gather to discuss about a topic covered by an NI magazine. It is a good opportunity to share own thoughts, views and experiences with other people.

Of course, Caitlin will give you some social and historical background information about the topic, as well as explaining some important English words and phrases.

Date & Time: 23 May 13:30-16:30

Place: Asia Japan Women's Resource Center in Shibuya, Tokyo

Fee: 3,800 yen (not including a text)

Application Due: 24 April

To apply, send your mailing address to

[email protected]

Then you will receive one NI magazine as a text and a letter explaining how to pay for the fee. If you are an NI subscriber, please tell that you are subscribing.

English conversation school for discussing women's issues & environmental issues TERAKOYA

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