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Relationship between Politicians without Foreign Policy Negotiation Skills and Peace Constitution (part 1)






断っておくが、「北朝鮮を攻撃しろ!」みたいな「極端な思考」を持つ議員の集まりではない!(笑) 今回のミサイル発射でさらに増加した「北朝鮮の脅威」に対して「いかに日本の抑止力を強化するか」を「冷静かつ戦略的に」研究するグループだ。






On 5th April, North Korea launched a projectile, (still discussions and studies are going on whether it was just a missile or a rocket with a satellite) which flew over Japan. Since North Korea already announced in March that the launch would be between 4 and 8 April, the Japanese government and media had been so busy during the last week. The government ordered the deployment of some ground-to-air interceptor missiles while media covers the news of when and what North Korea would launch. On 4th the government mistakenly announced that the projectile was launched. It was a kind of fuss.

Finally the projectile did not bring physical damages on the Japanese land and property. But there are still people who are in fuss.

According to today's Tokyo Shinbun newspaper, Defense Minister Hamada mentioned at House of Councillors' National Security Committee held yesterday that he would start to study about having an early-warning satellite. The same newspaper reported that the 7 members of "Study Group for Strengthening Deterrence against North Korea", found by a member of House of Councillor, Yamamoto Ichita, held first meeting yesterday.

Sankei Shinbun on 6 April reported Yamamoto's comment:

"Even if Japan had an ability to attack enemy's places, it would not breach the constitution, as long as it is (within) the right of self-defense. Serious discussions on such abilities and conditions will beef up the deterrence."

I checked his blog and he wrote like this:

I tell you beforehand that the group is not a gathering of politicians, who have "extreme thoughts", such as "Attack North Korea!" (laugh). This group is for studying "a strategy discussing without fuss" that "how Japan should strengthening the ability of deterrence" against "the threats of North Korea", which has increased by the launch of the missile this time.

I am worry what the group is going to propose and what actions would be taken by the government. But, the group are scheduled to provide its suggestions maybe within a month, so we will be able to see what kind of "strategies discussing without fuss" soon.

This time I did not hear the news what Japan's Information Gathering Satellite (IGS) are doing during the projectile launch fuss last week. Japan has 4 IGS since 2003. It spent 250 billion yen or 2.5 billion US dollar for the whole IGS project. The development of IGS was decided just a couple of months after Taepodong-1 missile launched in August 1998. At that time, unlike this time, North Korea did not announce anything about the launch, and the missile flew over the Japan.

So it is again that North Korea stirs Japan, especially politicians and media, and then a same kind of discussion arose. I do not like politicians taking such advantege of the fuss.

continue to part 2...

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