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Development Education Teaching Material and Activity Event

開発教育(Development Education)という言葉を聞いたことありますか?





パーム油のはなし~「地球にやさしい」ってなんだろう? ワークショップ



もうひとつは、グローバル・エクスプレスというメディアリテラシー教材(イギリスのManchester Development Education ProjectのGlobal Expressを翻訳・アレンジしたもの)をベースにしたワークショップです。今回は特別なテーマで「アキハバラを読み解く」でした。これは昨年秋葉原で起きた無差別殺人事件をテーマに、日本社会の現状や人々の生き方を議論しながら考えていくものです。




I am not sure if you have ever heard of Development Education. Development Education Association and Resource Center (DEAR) in Japan describes it as follows:

"Development Education is the education and learning in schools and communities to raise awareness and understanding of developmental issues, and to discuss the development for a better future."

So it definitely shares the same values with NI. You can look at some sample movies of development education workshops on YouTube.

If the world were a village of 100 people

New Trade Game

Palm Oil

Last weekend, I attended a development education event, in which you can experience development education teaching materials and workshops. I joined 2 workshops and NI Japan had a table there for introducing and selling the NI & NI Japan magazine.

One workshop was to think about your mobile phone’s link to conflict resources caused bloodshed or overseas manufacturers. Among the conflict resources used in mobile phones, the workshop focused on tantalum from Democratic Republic of Congo. Tantalum is used for tantalum capacitor, which is widely used from digital cameras to computers. We also discussed conflicts in a Thai community, where a mobile phone manufacturer operates a factory. The community faced pollution caused by the factory, while some workers of the factory became sick because of poor working environment in the factory.

Another one is based on Global Express, which is a media literacy material of Manchester Development Education Project in UK. This time the workshop picked up a horrible murder case occurred in June 2008 in Tokyo. We discussed why it happened, how it could be prevented and if anyone could become such murderer in a certain circumstance.

It was a good opportunity to “feel” such problems rather than just “knowing”. Just knowing is often not enough for driving people to take action. Workshops with development education materials help to have a deep and extensive discussion with others, in which you realize your views’ similarities and differences to others’ again. It will lead you to more than knowing.

If you have any chance to think as a group about the link between world’s situation to your everyday life, development education materials can be useful to stimulate discussion.

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