"Earth Day in Chofu" on 9 May

今年で22回目になる「アースデイ in 調布」が5月9日(土)に調布市役所前で行われます。もちろんNIジャパンも出店します。サイトはこちらです。2009年版への更新はもう少しお待ちください。

今年のテーマは、「続・「食の未来」― たいせつにしよう。私と生きものと地球 ―」です。国内外いろいろと気がかりなことが多い私たちの食。今年も昨年に続き、その食がテーマになっています。


さて先日金曜日は、この「アースデイ in 調布」の第3回目の実行委員会でした。今後の日程、当日の段取り、広報に関してメンバーで話し合いました。今後の準備も気がかりなのですが、特に心配なのは天気です。過去4年間、強風または雨にたたられています。昨年は雨の上に寒くて来場者も少なかったので、出店していた身にはちょっと辛い1日でした。


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Earth Day in Chofu will be held in 9 May in front of the Chofu city hall. Of course NI Japan will have a booth there. The website of the earth day is here. It should be updated to the 2009 version in several days.

The theme of the event for this year is food. As you know, we are facing some serious problems on food, such as, in case of Japan, self-sufficiency, decreasing the number of farmers and their aging, food safety, wasting food and so on. So, Earth Day in Chofu picked the same theme as the last year's.

Every year Earth Day in Chofu shows a film. This year it shows "Bun Bun Tsuusin". It is an extracted and shorter version of a documentary film "Mitsubachi No Haoto To Chikyuu No Kaiten" (Flap of Bees and Rotation of the Earth), which is about sustainable societies. It is scheduled to showing in movie theaters in Japan in this fall. Currently this documentary film is in a process of shooting and editing. It includes reports from Sweden's life style and energy policy to a traditional way of life style, which continues 1000 years, in Iwai-shima island in Yamaguchi prefecture. The film schedule will be posted on the Earth Day in Chofu website.

Well, I attended the preparation group meeting of Earth Day in Chofu on last Friday. In the meeting, we discussed about the preparation schedule, some work for the event day and the event's publicity.

One big concern for us is weather since it is an outdoor event with tents. Last 4 years, the day was hit by either rain or very strong wind. Last year, it was rain besides very cold for the season. Because of the weather, not many people came to the event. I hope this year will be fine and nice spring weather.

NI Japan will have a tent in the event. Currently I am planning some consciousness raising activities for food and environment. If you are interested to join as a volunteer, send me E-mail.

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