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ようこそ、NIジャパンブログへ! こんにちは、NIジャパンの諸です。
Hello to all, this is Moro working for the NI Japan office.

In this blog, I will write interesting movement and events of the Japanese civil society, as well as the NI Japan's activities. I will also write what I think and feel about everyday news, daily life, interesting people and so on from Japan. I hope you can enjoy my blog posts.

This time, I can tell you about the NI Japan booth in an event. The event is called "Earth Garden Winter", held in Asakusa, Tokyo. There were booths of shops and NGO/NPO, concerning ecology and peace, gathered. Some shops sold environmental friendly goods, while some other shops sold fair-trade goods. There were also NGOs for development, human rights and environment. There were 2 places for music bands and talk shows, as well as nice food stalls. Air of the place was lively and colorful.

Earth Garden venue

The NI Japan booth had two tables, selling magazines, books, a world map, etc. I also displayed boards to show "toilet and hygiene situation in developing countries" (covered by NI414) and "facts of cotton cultivation and trade" (covered by NI399). As you can see the photo, the boards of toilets are well illustrated and unconstrained, so many people looked into it.


Events give us an important opportunity to hear directly from our readers and non-readers. In this event, I could talk with many people such as current subscribers, previous subscribers, a NI Japan mail magazine subscriber who came to know the event by the mail magazine, some people who knew NI but NI Japan, etc.

NI Japan Booth

In events, I can hear from people and see their reactions to the publications and goods of NI & NI Japan. They make me think that as an alternative media, how I can convey messages, as well as information, to the Japanese people.

NI Japan Booklet

This blog is also such an activity to convey messages and information. I hope you will find this blog useful and let your friends know about this blog.

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