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As our magazine turns 40, it’s time for internationalism to be restated forcefully and eloquently for a new era.

In this birthday blogging series, leading writers, thinkers and activists chew over the principles of global solidarity and development in our times.

This blog is edited by the writer Jonathan Glennie and New Internationalist co-editor Hazel Healy.


Brazil is on the edge of an 'internationalism revolution'

As the country continues to rise as a global power, encouraging younger generations to embrace an internationalist perspective is crucial, says Adriana De Queiroz.

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Beyond maps, beyond nations

Nitasha Kaul argues that the problems of humanity are international, and that our response should be, too.

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Don’t underestimate working people’s solidarity

Don Flynn remembers when ordinary people refused to be divided into nationalistic tribes.

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Internationalism is about justice – and the World Cup too

The international development agenda needs to be reclaimed as a struggle for global justice argues Jean Grugel.

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NGOs must give up power

Aid organizations need to relinquish the clout that comes with money and bureaucracy, argues Oxfam’s Ben Phillips.

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The wrong kind of solidarity

If you erase power and class, you are left with a cosmopolitan elite lecturing on ‘global society’ to people suffering poverty at home, warns Nick Dearden.

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We are all internationalists now

Simon Reid-Henry makes the case for why we need to think outside the borders of the nation state, today more than ever.

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As the cuts bite, why bother with the global South?

Jonathan Glennie opens our Internationalists series, calling on rich nations to reject nagging stinginess and embrace radical redistribution across borders.

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