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World Health Day highlights the need to talk about drug policy

The ‘war on drugs’ has serious implications for public health worldwide, writes Natasha Horsfield.

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Artful dodging

Five reasons not to buy BP’s story about the end of its sponsorship deals.


Afghanistan Memory Box

A victim-led exhibition of those who have suffered nearly 40 years of uninterrupted conflict, by AHRDO.

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Support a new internationalism

To continue in this new digital age, New Internationalist needs your help. Chris Spannos explains.

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Targeting children's minds; stymying Indian reform

Mari Marcel Thekaekara is unimpressed by latest pharmaceutical developments.

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Faith and Gender Justice

It’s clear that we will not achieve gender equality unless we work positively with faith communities, including with men and boys, writes Helen Dennis.

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Are US politicians serious about tackling corruption?

In this month’s podcast, our friends at the Tax Justice Network ask ‘is the US president really serious about tackling corruption in the finance sector?’

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‘Acts of solidarity are what make us human’

Though facing overwhelming struggles of their own, teachers at the NUT conference in Brighton have been showing a true spirit of internationalism, writes Jo Lateu.


Drowning in liquid filth – in 21st century India

We pretend that people are not condemned to the caste system, Mari Marcel Thekaekara writes.


The Brussels Attacks

Our pain and rage are immense, but we need reason and understanding more than ever, Frank Barat writes.

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With no UN to watch, Saharawis fear Moroccan regime

Local activists are expecting a brutal crackdown from the police, writes John Richards.

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