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From Google tax scandals to Taiwan havens

The Tax Justice Network examines the companies and countries that profit from lack of regulation, with host Naomi Fowler.

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Planting a million trees for Malawi

Sabine Joukes reports on a project to halt deforestation in a once-fertile land.

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Climate change needs real solutions not more hot air

Are certain proposals to reduce carbon emissions based on technological hype? Almuth Ernsting asks.

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Hope springs eternal

And from the most unexpected sources, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.


The digital divide’s great leap forward

We need to harness the innovation from today’s technology revolution to better serve people’s needs, writes Chris Spannos.

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The Heathrow 13 are the only role models that count for my generation

Anna Wild, 20-years-old, explains what climate activists from Plane Stupid, the Heathrow 13, mean to her and why they have her support.

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Plan B for Europe

Nick Dearden offers a vision of a more democratic European Union.

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Why don’t they go and look?

Forget number-crunching; development workers need to get out into the field to understand poverty, writes Maggie Black


Full circle injustice

There’s a reign of terror in many parts of India, Mari Marcel Thekaekara writes.

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Former Kamlari slave girls pave the way for change in Nepal

By speaking out about their experiences, survivors have helped change society, reports Kevin Childs.

David on his Dutch barge

David Ransom: a tribute

The former NI co-editor, who died this week, was a much-loved colleague, friend and mentor.

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