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Philippines’ Duterte threatens assassination of journalists

Human rights and journalism organizations have responded but the incoming president is dismissive of their concerns, reports Iris C. Gonzales.


EU referendum – fear is the right thing to feel

As voters gear up to decide this week whether Britain should stay in or leave the European Union, Vanessa Baird makes a case for fear – and political realism.

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Literary London, then and now, through Indian eyes

Mari Marcel Thekaekara reflects on England’s capital city and how its people, food and cultures have ebbed and flowed over the years.

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Is Britain better off in or out of the EU?

Caroline Lucas and John Hilary discuss the EU-Brexit debate in the lead up to the 23 June referendum.

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The role of climate change in the Syria crisis: how the media got it wrong

Alex Randall argues that the conclusions drawn were the wrong ones.

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Why I love pre-loved, unloved and recycled

Wise words on fashion by 14-year-old Mya-Rose Craig.

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Pt 3/3: A British-Syrian’s experience of a refugee’s journey

The reality of civil war and migration challenges identity while exposing new hope in humanity, writes Danny Ryan Youssef in the final blog of this three part series.

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The Universal Basic Income is an idea the left must embrace

This is an exciting idea whose time has come, writes Paul Donovan.

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Knocking Trump’s ego down to size

Mexicans have found the perfect way to show Donald what they think of him.

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From Russia, with blood: the impact of coal exports to Britain

The environmental and human costs are high, writes Vladimir Slivyak

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What is corruption?

Sleaze and global fraud discussed in this month’s Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network.

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