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TTIP fatally wounded, but its ‘ugly brother’ is still a threat

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership is looking a lot less likely, but we’re still not safe, writes Guy Taylor.


The Castle Builder

A new performance by Vic Llewellyn and Kid Carpet.

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Thank you for keeping independent media strong!

Your donations will help us shape a fairer world.

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The Panama Papers: a podcast special

The latest taxcast from the Tax Justice Network discusses the biggest offshore leak in history.

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Ethiopia drought: on the edge of a crisis

Up to 10 million people are currently facing famine, reports Nicola Kelly.


2016: The Year of the Fashion Revolution

What did this year’s Fashion Revolution movement teach us? And what can the next generation do to change the current state of fast-fashion?

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Children and adolescents forgotten by HIV policymakers

Iris Gonzales asks why the most vulnerable are at the bottom of the priority list.

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Tentative steps forward for Muslim women’s rights

Mari Marcel Thekaekara reports some good news from India.

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Standing up against un-ethical fashion

This is the week of ‘The Fashion Revolution’. Alana Watson explains why youth and adults should care.

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We're taking on corporate media

We’re now in the final phase of our fundraiser. Helen Wallis explains why we need your support.

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