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Squatters make home in the heart of inequality

Vanessa Baird reports on how a disused garage near her Oxford home has become a beacon of hope.

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Accountability is key to peace in the Middle East

We desperately need effective bodies to promote law and due process, writes William Bell.

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Declaring the year of sisterhood

Reflecting on a dismal year for women, Kate Smurthwaite proposes a New Year’s resolution.

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A foreign policy for Brexit?

Brexit both contains and is creating uncertainties that will have an impact on international relations and security policy in Europe. How will it be possible to navigate them? asks Dan Smith.

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In trusts we trust?

The Tax Justice Network looks at beneficial ownership avoidance, the booming industry in alternative tax escape vehicles.

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On computers, terror and Brexit

Travelling can sometimes help put things into perspective, writes James Rowland.


Our 2016: the 10 most read articles on New Internationalist

As 2016 finally came to a close, the New Internationalist staff wrapped up the year’s top articles. Have you missed any?


Tigger Stack – a most extraordinary woman

We will mourn our loss of Tigger. But it’s her life we must celebrate, writes Mari Thekaekara.

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The inextricable link between migration and sweatshops

The possibility of workers’ rights and climate justice movements responding together provides hope, writes Dalia Gebrial.

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Let’s make platform capitalism more accountable

What do Google, Uber, and Facebook have in common? Mark Graham asks.

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Say ‘no’ to lying, bullying, criminal and monopolizing corporate media!

Rupert Murdoch is only part of the problem. Vanessa Baird reports from the Media Democracy Festival in London.

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