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Socialist Youth call for democracy in Swaziland now

Swazi youth call for international pressure on their country’s absolute monarchy to introduce multi-party elections. Peter Kenworthy reports.

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New Internationalist is now the world’s biggest media co-operative

Hazel Healy looks back on the community share offer that has raised £700,000.

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India’s xenophobia shame

Mari Marcel Thekaekara laments the ignorance and hatred behind attacks on foreigners in her country.

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The high price we pay for our finance sectors

Our friends at the Tax Justice Network look at how the US finance sector is a net drag on their economy.

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Rev Billy sings the praises of New Internationalist

From the shadows of Trump Tower comes a message of support: watch Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir endorse our CSO!

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Congratulations! by a New Internationalist writer

Mari Marcel Thekaekara explains what New Internationalist means to her, and why she is celebrating the success of the Community Share Offer.

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New Internationalist smashes through £500K Crowdfunder target

With three days to go, there’s still time to be part of this success story, says co-editor Hazel Healy.


The hate that divides us

In shock after hearing of the London attack and a Bangalore assault, Mari Marcel Thekaekara reflects on what could defeat hate of the ‘other’ and finally bring us together.

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Why did Plane Stupid chain themselves to the runway at Stansted Airport?

Last night’s action stopped a mass deportation charter flight from flying to Nigeria and Ghana. Members of Plane Stupid explain why they took part.

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Why I write for New Internationalist

Editors looking for ‘sexy’ subjects today overlook tomorrow’s news, writes Karlos Zurutuza.

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New Internationalist Community Share Offer goes global

With less than 10 days to go, and investors in 30 countries, it’s make or break time for New Internationalist’s Community Share Offer, says Hazel Healy.

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