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‘Fora Temer’: is it the end for Brazil’s president and neoliberalism champ?

Do not despair if you don’t have a grip on Brazil’s huge scandal. Maria T Noviello argues nothing could have worked after the ousting of Dilma Rousseff.


UK General Election: Why disabled people oppose the Tories

Seven long years of Tory austerity cuts and their relentless attacks on disabled people is enough, writes Linda Burnip.

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The Manchester bombing and the battle for peace

It’s hard to speak the truth when grief and anger are at their peak, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Turning dictatorships into democracies: Lessons from Gandhi

Nurturing the authority of an approved centralized, omnipresent government can exacerbate instability through mistrust and unfitting policy, argues Tej Parikh.


Ecuador rips up 16 toxic trade treaties

President Correa continues to blast the interests of corporations and international finance, reports Nick Dearden.

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UK General Election: Mourning the Manchester bombing

Politics isn’t something that can actually be put on hold, writes Abi Wilkinson.

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Billions are being pumped out of Africa every year, research shows

Tax havens, transnational companies and climate change: the world keeps exploiting Africa. Matthew Bramall reports on new research on the topic.


A joke that bombs – the Trump tour continues

The Donald is risible – but arms sales are no laughing matter, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Trump's deals with Saudi Arabia will fuel the war in Yemen

The arms deals should not be viewed in isolation, they will make an unstable region even more dangerous, Andrew Smith writes.

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UK General Election: What are the foreign policy implications?

Voters are caught between choice and media disinformation, writes Mark Curtis.

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UK General Election: ‘Big Organizing’ crosses the pond

Theresa May’s snap election announcement left many progressive organizations scrambling to start campaigning for changes to the electoral system, writes Kim Bryan.

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