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Editors' response to Polyp's 'Special Cases' Cartoon

The 'Special Cases' cartoon published in the November 2011 issue of our magazine has regrettably caused offence to some readers.  This post is the New Internationalist editors' reply to the objections raised:

The New Internationalist has consistently championed the cause of Palestinian autonomy, which has led to many attacks over our coverage of the region.

However, we recognize that some people who claim to be supporters of the Palestinian cause also use it as a cover to voice anti-Jewish sentiments. Anyone with an interest in these issues would have come across these ugly attitudes. The 'Special Cases' cartoon is aimed at exposing this hypocrisy, rather than in any way seeking to undermine the work of Palestine support groups.

The targets of its satire are not those who oppose the oppressive policies of the Israeli state towards Palestinians, but those who vent racist views about Jewish people using the Palestinian struggle as an excuse. We believe acknowledging, inspecting and excluding such racism can only strengthen Palestinian solidarity campaigns.

The hidden swastika in the image is rightly disturbing: it is a symbol of the extreme consequences of such irrational hatred.

I hope this allays your concerns.

Dinyar Godrej
Co-editor, New Internationalist

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