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Gaza is changed forever

'We have lost everything... But tell them, tell the world, we do not want food or money - we just want our life back, and we want our freedom.'

No place to hide

Gazans are fleeing for their lives, but there is no escape from the shelling

Please God, tell me this is going to end soon

Every time I speak to them, my friends in Gaza tell me how scared they are

How do you describe Hell?

'This is not like the previous invasions - this time they mean to kill us. There is no escape.'

Christmas in Palestine

Although Gazan Christians remain tentative about their future, they say are not living in fear.

Don't believe what you read in the press

Israel may have 'partially reopened' the Erez border crossing, but 95 per cent of Palestinians are still imprisoned inside the Strip.


Israel's full-scale closure of the Strip has lasted 28 days, with no sign of a let-up, and life inside Gaza gets grimmer by the day.

When oh when will I get back home?

Twenty days on and the Gaza Strip is still closed. Everyone who lives in Gaza is either locked in, or out.

Choking the life out of Gaza

Israel is responsible for a hell of a lot of the misery and human rights violations in the Gaza Strip: but Hamas is also harassing, interrogating and mistreating civilians. Between them, Israel and Hamas are choking the life out of the people trapped inside Gaza.


Gaza is not facing a humanitarian crisis: this is a human rights crisis.

All prisons are penetrable

The international media has devoured the story of Palestinian and international human rights activists, doctors, academics, parliamentarians and lawyers sailing through Israeli gunboat-infested waters to reach the besieged Gaza Strip. But inside Gaza, the reaction has been decidedly mixed.

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