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Israel is sick

Israel's hatred of the Palestinians is poisoning its own people, who have been unnerved by recent testimonies from soldiers who have been in Gaza.   

Amidst the ruins, the grief

Homeless Gazans have been left trying to salvage something from the lives they used to have before the Israeli military invaded, and changed their lives forever.   

The Gaza solidarity circus

From Code Pink to George Galloway, they're all popping in - but is it just self-serving political propaganda?

Slipping into something more comfortable

A visit to Gaza City's only Turkish bath-house offers the chance to switch off from reality, just for a while.

Who are the terrorists?

The State of Israel is claiming that two-thirds of Palestinians killed in Gaza were members of terror organizations. Louisa Waugh begs to differ.

The war in Rafah is not over

Local Palestinians are being tormented day and night by air strikes and drones.

Sonic booms, drones and other mindgames

A few days ago rumours of more Israeli air strikes began to cause panic across Gaza.

Journalists, lawyers and activists without borders

 It was the hacks who got here first: even before Israel announced its ‘unilateral’ ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on 18 January, they were queuing up at the Egyptian border post in Rafah, waiting to cross over into Gaza and file their war stories.

Who won the 'war' in Gaza?

People in the Gaza Strip are desperate for the ceasefire to continue - they have seen enough blood spilt.

My friend Mohammed is a hero

Medical personnel like Mohammed are still doggedly trying to treat those with the worst injuries and digging out partly decomposed bodies from the rubble of Gaza.

Gaza is changed forever

'We have lost everything... But tell them, tell the world, we do not want food or money - we just want our life back, and we want our freedom.'

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