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The scars of war on Gaza’s children

Noreen Sadik meets the only injured person taken from Gaza to Israel for treatment in November – a nine-year-old girl.

‘Pinpoint accuracy’ in Gaza

Felicity Arbuthnot asks what threat children pose to the Israeli state.

Hamas are the real winners

The latest round of violence has only served to strengthen Israel’s sworn enemy says Uri Avnery.

PHOTO: Gaza’s child death toll rising

Anne Paq’s photograph of a Palestinian boy killed in an Israeli air-strike brings home the horror of an escalating conflict.

Faith and frustration

Despite Egyptian intransigence, the aid convoy still hopes to get to Gaza.

People for Palestine - the road to Aqaba

The convoy moves through Turkey, Syria and Jordan, but hits trouble when it gets to Egypt…

Viva Palestina: a lifeline from Britain to Gaza

Joti Brar is part of the third international convey travelling to Gaza to bring aid and solidarity to Palestinians.

Culture shocking

My time in Gaza has come to an end. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, or both.

Goodbye Gaza?

My work here in Gaza is coming to an end, and soon I will be catapulted out of the Strip into the world beyond.

Punishing the victims

Normality doesn't exist in Gaza - and the situation inside the world's largest prison is getting slowly worse.

Israel is sick

Israel's hatred of the Palestinians is poisoning its own people, who have been unnerved by recent testimonies from soldiers who have been in Gaza.   

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