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Toxic tour hits Toronto

Activists have mobilized heartily for a week of anti-G20 action, and at Wednesday’s rally, scores of protesters showed up to lend their voice to the fight for environmental justice, and to stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples in North America and those living in the majority world. 

Spot the difference

No-one who endured ‘structural adjustment’ during the ‘third’ world debt crisis from the 1980s onwards can have any difficulty in recognizing the emergency budget just produced by the coalition government in Britain.

Doing the wrong thing

Why living on less is a sin.

What Will George Osborne Cut Today?

No Shock Doctrine For Britain have created a random “cut generator”, What Will George Cut Today?, to highlight the absurdity of the new UK Chancellor’s anti-poor budget cuts.

Afghanistan is a safe country...

…according to the Home Office - but for a 19-year-old asylum seeker about to be deported, the return could be a death sentence.

Be A Citizen Journalist With 1 Minute Films

The folks at 1 minute films are looking for aspiring young activist videomakers.

  • June 1, 2010
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Canada and Israel

It's time to end the cosy courtship.

Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid

Guest post from Oxfam’s Ian Sullivan

I love football. I also love working for Oxfam. They’re two of my major passions in life and I can be quite geeky about them. Although being able to name Everton’s championship winning side of the 80’s means I’m a bit more of a football geek. Football connects people all around the world but there just isn’t that much opportunity to use it in my work.

However, this summer there’s a World Cup – a global football festival that will grab the world’s attention. It will generate passion and enthusiasm on a huge scale. As well ensuring a big focus on Africa.

We wanted to turn all of that into something genuinely world changing. We wanted to connect with football fans and Oxfam supporters around the world and give them the chance to express themselves in a meaningful way. So, we decided to set up a massive game of keepy-uppy and to tell our leaders ‘Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid’.

Free Ameer Makhoul!

Campaigner Jeff Halper has sent out an appeal on behalf of a Palestinian activist being held by the Israelis.

Talking about Iraq

Listen to NI co-editor Hadani Ditmars being interviewed on the BBC recently.

West Papua needs our help - act now!

West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda asks for support as the situation in his occupied country worsens

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