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Time to make good on your promises!

World leaders are meeting in New York to discuss progress on the Millennium Development Goals. Justin Forsyth considers the likely outcome.

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It's here!

The new-look New Internationalist is back from the printer so co-editor Jess Worth can finally unveil some of the changes we’ve made to the magazine…

Liberate Brecht!

Fire in the Soul poetry anthology editor on the publishers who hold poets’ work to ransom.

A lethal injection

Canadian government support for white asbestos provides legitimacy to a deadly product.

Video: Some BP Analysing Hip Hop

Just came across this hip hop video that takes on BP and the oil crisis head on.

Growth is like a bicycle

Are democracy and individual rights compatible with the ‘managed contraction’ of the economy? wonders Duncan Green.

  • July 8, 2010
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Kicked out of Britain... to a Kabul nightmare

Deported from Britain on 15 June, Mr A is now struggling to survive in Kabul.

The stakes are high. Their voices must be heard.

“Essentially, Vale is the poster child for everything for which the G20 is criticized,” Jamie West, a flash furnace operator for the past eight years, told me in Toronto. “They have a horrendous environmental record; they treat their workers without dignity or respect; their treatment of indigenous people is embarrassing – especially in Brazil. Their corporate agenda, along with the complacency of government legislation, is the root cause of all of this.”  

A day of tactical diversity

People assembled en masse June 26 at Queen’s Park, Ontario’s provincial legislature, for a day of demonstrations. There were an estimated 10,000 people on the legislature lawn and the march, which was deemed family-friendly by organizers, started out peacefully.

Tactical tech to turn information into action

A guest post from the from the Tactical Technology Collective

When 25-year-old Noha Atef first started working as a journalist in Egypt, she discovered that police brutality and torture crimes were rife in her country. But she also learnt that state and domestic brutality were issues largely ignored by mainstream media and so she decided she would have to act independently to report on and address this issue. Her blog,, is one of 25 stories of ‘info-activism’ included in a documentary we have produced at Tactical Technology Collective called 10 Tactics for turning information into action. In the film Noha explains that her blog posts led to the release of a prisoner who’d been illegally detained for fourteen years. She says that “is inspiring to other internet users, especially bloggers” because it has raised awareness and provided evidence of torture crimes in a way that had never been seen before in Egypt.

Toxic tour hits Toronto

Activists have mobilized heartily for a week of anti-G20 action, and at Wednesday’s rally, scores of protesters showed up to lend their voice to the fight for environmental justice, and to stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples in North America and those living in the majority world. 

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