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I don't mean to be Crude, but...

I don't know what you did on Saturday, but several hundred people from all over the UK donned white boiler suits, took a train to Essex, ran across some fields, dodged some bemused police officers, and then sat/danced in a road for seven hours.

It wasn't any old road. It was the main road which the oil tankers use as they take newly-refined petrol from Coryton refinery to BP, Shell and Exxon petrol stations across London and the South-East. A group of 12 women initially blocked the road by locking themselves on to the underneath of two vans. They were soon joined by another 50 people who locked arms across the road.

Everyone else blocked the alternative route, essentially stopping the flow of oil for a good part of the day. Then they chose to leave of their own accord, singing and dancing, with not one single arrest.

This might seem like quite an extreme thing to do. But when governments are failing to reach any kind of sensible international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - nor to seriously reduce dependency on fossil fuels at home and begin the necessary transition to a zero carbon economy - then what choice do we have? People power is the only way to go, and it was evident on Saturday in spades.

Watch this wonderful film by You And I Films of the whole crazy day. Maybe next time you'll be there too?

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