Calling all young writers!

US documentary-maker Jonathan Lee is making a film – long overdue – about Paul Goodman, who was one of the primary inspirations behind so much of the best of what came out of the US during the 1960s. He was a polymath, writing extensively – and wonderfully well – about community planning, psychotherapy, education and politics.

The film should be finished this summer and the director will be bringing it to the UK. He has organized an essay competition (with a $1,000 prize and publication in DISSENT magazine for the winning entry) and is looking for submissions from any interested writers under the age of 30.

The essay needs to be 1,000 – 3,000 words on the theme of a pressing social or political issue. And here’s the fun bit: the topic should be addressed ‘in the spirit of Paul Goodman’s “utopian essays and practical proposals*”,’ according to Lee.

For more information, to download some short essays by Paul Goodman and see some short video excerpts from the film, go to:

Deadline for submissions is 1 May, so spread the word!

*the title of a 1962 essay collection

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