Turn up the volume!

From this month, New Internationalist will be tying its music reviews to its website. This means that each month, the printed magazine will carry its usual two album reviews; each month, the website will carry extra content related to the albums: mostly it’ll be a track from each album to listen to, sometimes videos. We’ll endeavour to get the most we can up each month.

With the March 2010 issue, we kick off with Tsikaya’s Músicos do Interior Project, a stunning collection of music gathered from Angola by the intrepid Victor Gama, and also Ali and Toumani, the last album to come from the wonderful collaboration between Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabaté. Both albums are available from iTunes, Amazon and other web outlets as well as shops.

And don’t forget that each month, readers of New Internationalist are offered the chance to win copies of the featured albums. Good luck and happy listening!

Tsikaya - Musicos do Interior

Ali and Toumani

The No-Nonsense Guide to World Music by Louise Gray is available via the New Internationalist on-line shop.

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