The news from Copenhagen: bullying and back-room deals

Sigh. This comes as no surprise but at the same time makes me hopping mad.

The word from inside the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, where the UN climate talks officially began yesterday, is that the Danish Government has been striking backroom deals with a few handpicked countries in order to get the agreement it so desperately wants.

But by doing this, it's disenfranchising developing countries and civil society, and making a mockery of  its supposed neutral role as chair and facilitator of the UN process. Joshua Kahn Russel has the inside scoop if you want to know more, and Friends of the Earth have launched an e-action to Connie Hedegaard, Denmark's lead negotiator and President of the Conference.

Meanwhile, Indigenous Peoples have been protesting inside the conference centre today, demanding that their rights be respected. I can't wait to get there myself. I'm taking the ferry tomorrow, so will be blogging from the heart of the action from Friday.

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